Put your message on our founding documents

Why Create My Own Custom Cover?


83% of Americans think the Constitution is a timeless document.*


77% of Americans think the country would be better if we followed the Constitution more closely.**

* GEB International poll, 2014
** Anderson Robbins Research / Shaw & Company Research, June 2013

Make an impact

Share the documents that unite us as Americans and secure our Freedom.

Share your message

Your message combined with our Founding Documents is a powerful way of saying you support America's values and principles.

Let your customers know why your brand is better because it's American Made!

How it works

Many businesses and organizations give out hats, shirts and pens to remind their audience of the service or product they offer.  Now you can do the same thing with our Founding Documents.  That's right, you can put your brand and message on the cover of a pocket sized booklet containing the U.S. Constitution and Declaration of Independence.


  • This unique promotional product will give you 4 pages of prime advertising space to promote your brand, product or mission.
  • Let your audience know that you are in full support of our Founding Documents
  • Encourage Americans to read the documents that protect their unalienable rights.
  • Be involved in the solution to America's problems without being political.

Art Creation:

The first step is to create the art design for your cover.  If art is not your things, we've got you covered.  Our in house design team will work with you in creating a design you will love at no additional cost.  Before you pay anything, you will get:

  • 1 free consultation with a designer, and
  • the first design delivered for your feedback.  

Prefer to do the design work yourself?  No problem.  We've created a design template just for you.  Get it here.


After you receive your initial design, payment would be required if you want to continue, and 2 additional revisions are available if needed.


When you are completely satisfied with the cover design, it's time to go to print.  The printing process normally takes 2 to 3 weeks.


We offer free ground shipping for all orders.  If you need expedited shipping there will be an additional shipping charge.


1,000 + Copies

Customized Cover
$ 1
Per Copy

5,000 + Copies

Customized Cover
$ 0
Per Copy

10,000 + Copies

Customized Cover
$ 0
Per Copy

25,000 + Copies

Customized Cover
$ 0
Per Copy

50,000 + Copies

Customized Cover
$ 0
Per Copy

100,000 + Copies

Customized Cover
$ 0
Per Copy

Prices Include

  • Free Cover Design (up to 2 revisions)
  • Free Ground Shipping (3 – 5 business days)
  • Customize 100% of the intire cover (front & back, inside & outisde)


I wanted to let you know that the constitutions have arrived, and they are unbelievably perfect! Thank you both so much for all of your help and getting this project done in such a short timeframe! I cannot even begin to express how pleased we are with this product, and I hope to work with you again in the future!

Allison D. Rabon
Special Events Coordinator

I can't believe we received our Pocket Constitutions today. We were worried we wouldn't get them by March 20, and here they are today! Thank you so much. What fabulous customer service. They will be perfect to put on the tables at my husband's swearing-in ceremony dinner (since he will be swearing to uphold the Constitution).

Lori Wolf

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